If your vehicle is a GM based vehicle from 2003-2006 and was repaired by us and still having fuel gauge issues do not be alarmed.  If your fuel pressure gauge is stuck, erratic, pegged to the other side even after our repair, then it could be a faulty sending unit, or fuel sensor If your [...]

Question: My unit or instrument cluster still has erroneous diagnostic lights, unusual symptoms and/or doesn't have the desired mileage that I requested. If the vehicle’s battery was not disconnected prior to removal of the unit, it may inadvertently blow a fuse along the wiring behind the [...]

For Ford 6.0 Diesel FICM Fuel Injection Control Module Repair The proper voltage required for the FICM is 48v. If it drops lower than that then check the previous steps again to make sure that there’s nothing in the truck causing voltage fluctuations. Q: Can you increase the voltage from [...]