Car Problem Diagnosis for Dashboard Lights

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Many drivers will experience the annoyance of a dashboard warning light at some point. There are many drivers that have no idea what each of the warning light icons actually mean. You are minding your own business, driving along and “DING”, a little light suddenly lights up on your dashboard. Do you know what the icon stands for, and if you do, do you know what possible issues it could be indicating? Instead of playing a guessing game with your car’s safety, it’s important to have your car checked and diagnosed for any issues that your dashboard light is warning you about.

The Cost of Dashboard Lights

Dashboard lights help to alert the driver that the car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) or ABS (Antilock Brake System) module recognizes a problem with one or more parts of your vehicle. Similar to the when the gas light alerts a driver when the tank is low, these other dashboard lights are designed to help you maintain your vehicle to the best of your ability for a safe driving environment. Unfortunately, many dealerships will charge high prices and labor costs just to have your car diagnosed, plus additional fees for the actual repairs needed to address the problem. To avoid high dealership costs, turn to the expert auto technicians at UpFix.

Dashboard Light Diagnosis at UpFix

If your dashboard is suddenly showing a light that you don’t understand, take these simple steps to receive expert car problem diagnosis:

  • Check Your Owner’s Manual
    • Every car owner’s manual should show the error messages for your vehicle, or some simply show what each dashboard light means. Some are more specific, such as the empty gas tank light, but others can have a wide range of meaning such as the check engine light.
  • Bring Your Car by Our Greater Atlanta Area Shop
    • We can diagnose and repair your car in no time! Just swing your vehicle by our convenient Greater Atlanta Area shop and we’ll diagnose your dashboard light and repair the problem within 24 hours.
  • Mail Your Part to Us
    • Prefer the DIY route? We can help with that too! Just discover the error message from your vehicle with a professional scan tool, or for older cars, by reading the diagnostic trouble codes manually. Once you have your error message, start your auto repair with our expert technicians!

Auto Repairs for Car Problem Diagnosis

Don’t ignore your dashboard lights. Bring your car in for car problem diagnosis or repair to UpFix’s Greater Atlanta Area shop. Our expert technicians will diagnose, repair, test and return your vehicle within 24 hours. Not from the Atlanta area? Just mail your auto part to us via our mail-in service and we’ll have it repaired and sent back within 24 hours of receiving it. Call us at 888-779-9029 to start your repair today!