Category: ABS Module Repair

ABS Light On with Code: C0265, C0267, C0268 We provide Repair and Return service of your existing ABS Brake Control Module. If your ABS light is on or your ABS EBCM anti-lock brake module pump is always running, it could mean the module is causing problems because the pump is running [...]

Our address is: UpFix 1707 Enterprise Dr Suite D Buford, GA 30518 Send your parts to us for repair and save hundreds! Once we receive your part, our IPC certified technicians will run a test to identify the source of the problem. We don't just replace defective parts. We go to the root of [...]

ABS light on because of¬†faulty ABS EBCM module?   We fix these common ABS issues:¬† Sudden ABS Power Loss Faulty Wheel Sensor Codes Missing Signals from Wheel Speed Sensor ABS Relay Codes ABS Pump Continually Running No Communication¬† and other ABS Issues ABS [...]