Diagnosing Your Climate Control Problems

Categories: DIY Auto Tips

Your climate control unit works hard year-round to create a comfortable interior temperature in your car, no matter what the weather forecast says. Because of this, many climate control units experience electrical problems that require repair. Thankfully, the technicians at UpFix take your faulty climate control units, diagnose the problem and repair them in 24 hours or less so that you can quickly get back to enjoying a comfortable commute.

Can I Self-Diagnose My Climate Control Module Problems?

Most vehicles today have an automatic climate control system, which makes it slightly more difficult for a do-it-yourselfer to diagnose the problem. If your unit’s cooling or heating issues are not the results of the refrigeration circuit, then you’ll probably need to consult an expert for repair.

At UpFix, we use specialized scan tools to read HVAC codes that can help identify the underlying reason for your climate control unit’s failure. And since our IPC-technicians perform guaranteed climate control repair for just $69, why would you risk a misdiagnosis that could cost you hundreds—or even thousands of dollars in repairs?

Common Climate Control Unit Problems We Diagnose

At our Buford, Georgia repair shop, UpFix technicians can diagnose and repair all climate control issues including these common issues:

  • Thermostat stuck
  • Intermittent climate control power loss
  • AC compressor runs continuously
  • Central vents don’t work
  • Climate control buttons not working
  • Climate control display is dark
  • More climate control computer problems

Expert Climate Control Repair at UpFix

If you have a faulty climate control unit, rely on the expert technicians at UpFix for all of your repair needs. Just take your unit by our Buford, Georgia shop, or send it in through our mail-in service, and we’ll repair it, test it and send it back within 24 hours of receiving it, for a fraction of what most dealerships charge.