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OBD-II Code | DTC P0753 Mazda
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Factory DTC P0753 Mazda | What Does the Diagnostic Troubleshooting Code Mean?

Posted On: 07/14/2022 | Author: Kayla Wilson

DTC P0753

Common Error Code Symptoms

It’s very normal for an engine vehicle fault code that reads DTC P0753 when you scan a Mazda to have common symptoms such as the vehicle’s “check engine light” being ON (or “service engine soon” warning light) and the vehicle’s transmission failing to shift gears properly.

Use an OBD-II scanner to confirm that the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) reads P0753 if you’re experiencing these symptoms.

Potential Code Causes

Here, we list a couple of possible reasons the Mazda reads the fault code DTC P0753 as we’re sure you’re wondering why your vehicle is throwing this code.

  • It’s possible the vehicle has a low transmission fuel level
  • Your vehicle’s transmission fluid may be dirty or contaminated
  • There could be faulty shift solenoid ‘A’ valve harnesses or connectors
  • Potentially there is an open or shorted shift solenoid ‘A’ valve circuit

Potential Solutions

We always recommend to consumers trying to clear the code them selves first. Please do this before going to see a mechanic or dealership or even sending your part to us as this step could save you both time and money.

To begin with, check the transmission fuel level and fluid to ensure that this isn’t the reason for the scanner reading this specific diagnostic trouble code.

Second, make sure that the wiring harness for the transmission control module (TCM) isn’t loose, corroded, or damaged in any other way.

After you’ve verified that the vehicle isn’t having the issues we just shared, then keep reading for more information! We’re happy to share with you what the code actually means, why it occurred, and your options of fixing your issue.

What does DTC P0753 mean?

DTCs are actually created in a way for people to easily understand and interpret.

First, because the code starts with the letter P, this means that code is referring to the powertrain that includes the engine system, fuel system, and transmission system.

Then, the second character of the code is a 0. 0 means that the code follows the standardized SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Code that follows the OBD-II standard.

Next, the third character identifies which subsystem is at fault. Because the third character of this code is a 7, this means that the the issue is transmission related.

Lastly, the fourth and fifth characters combine together as a two-digit number is the “specific fault index”, and this tells us that there is a malfunction with Shift Solenoid A.

Why did it occur?

DTC P0753 error codes are generally detected when the gear that is required by the ECM (Engine Control Module) doesn’t match the actual gear when the vehicle is in when driven.

To trigger gear changes, the ECU (Engine Control Unit) uses little round plungers (no, not the same type as plumbing!) referred to as shift solenoids. Unfortunately, there is an electrical fault with the 1-2 solenoid when your vehicle reads the diagnostic trouble code P0753, .

In the event that the issue is not addressed, then the gear change will eventually not be able to occur.

Where is the code likely located?

Now that you understand what the code means and why you’re seeing it, the DTC P0753 Mazda error is related to the Shift Solenoid A. Shift solenoids are located in the transmission control module (TCM) associated with your vehicle’s automatic transmission.

Can I fix the DTC P0753 Mazda error?

Finally, if you’ve followed the previous steps of “Potential Solutions” and you’re still receiving the same code, you can send your part to UpFix. Luckily, we provide fast, easy, and affordable repair by experienced professionals!

DTC P0753 Fun Fact

Conversely, did you know that mechanics are mostly wrong when they say to replace your shift solenoid as the problem is most likely elsewhere that’s causing the issue?!

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  • P0751 DTC Code
  • P0752 DTC Code
  • P0754 DTC Code

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