Mazda 3 TCM (2006-2014) Easy Transmission Control Module Repair

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(2006-2014) Mazda 3 TCM Transmission Control Module Needs Repair Services [Explained]

Posted On: 07/07/2022 | Author: Kayla Wilson

What is a TCM Transmission Control Module or TCU Transmission Control Unit?

If you’re needing a (2006-2014) Mazda 3 TCM Transmission Control Module Repair, you’ve come to the right place!

To begin with, if you’re not already aware, your TCM Transmission Control Module or TCU Transmission Control Unit (whichever you prefer to call it) is a vital part of your car. TCMs or TCUs are what keep your vehicle running by providing power to the vehicle’s wheels. Its primary responsibility is to calculate the right time and place to shift gears for smooth driving. Therefore, without it or when the part is defective, an automatic transmission cannot shift gears so the vehicle cannot function properly.

Why do Mazda 3 Transmission Control Modules Fail?

It is very well known that Mazda 3’s are notorious for their TCMs (Transmission Control Modules) failing due to them being fastened directly to the automatic transmission casing.

What does that mean and what does it have to do with why you need to repair your TCM TCU?

Consequently, when your TCM TCU is mounted right on top of the transmission casing, it causes the control module to overheat from insufficient heat dissipation. The long-term exposure to so much heat is what causes them to go bad.

Symptoms of a Bad TCM

Under the circumstances, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably assumed something’s wrong with your transmission or circuit board inside your transmission control module. Most often times, your odometer will present a check engine light when the vehicle’s main computer receives any error or issue signals from the TCU.

Just in case you haven’t done your homework, we’re providing a list of some of the symptoms to look for. While determining if you need to repair or replace your TCM, we’re here to make it easier for you in the meantime.

(2006-2014) Mazda 3 TCM Transmission Control Module Repair Service by UpFix

Here are some signs of a failing TCM:

  • Hesitation occurring when the vehicle shifts gears
  • Transmission warning light / check engine light is illuminated on your dashboard (A/T diagnostic light)
  • Has difficulty or failure shifting to lower gears
  • Often gets stuck or remains stuck in the same gear
  • Struggles to accelerate properly
  • Maintains poor fuel economy (that’s a problem with these recent gas prices!)

If you see these symptoms occurring with your vehicle, we recommend that you first check the TCM fuse to ensure everything is as it should be. Secondly, check the TCM wiring harness to make sure there is nothing obstructing the connection of the wires to the control module. Thirdly, if the first two steps don’t solve your issue, then next you should check your transmission control module directly by using a scan tool (OBDII) to find the fault code for the transmission.

Taking these steps will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your TCM.

To Repair or Replace a Transmission Control Module (TCM)?

Once you diagnose that the issue with your vehicle is indeed the TCM TCU, you then have to decide if you want to repair or replace the part.

Oftentimes auto part stores and dealerships will encourage you to replace your TCM as the only option, so for those who prefer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts be aware. But the truth is replacement is unnecessary and you’ll end up spending both more time and money than you have to.

Currently, consumers have reported that Mazda dealerships charge $1,500 – $2,000 for OEM TCM replacements and due to current global shipping shortages, their parts are always on backorder. In addition, when you replace your TCM, your old one is likely to end up in a landfill so we recommend UPFIXing your OEM TCM.

On the other hand, companies like us that recycle and repair original parts to reuse exist because of poorly designed electronic systems. This is due to manufacturers cutting costs to increase revenue and simple manufacturing design flaws that generally lead to units failing. In general, when repairing Mazda 3 (2006-2014) TCMs, most of our competitors will install rubber washers where the 3 screws go.

Unfortunately, this simple modification doesn’t really solve the heat or vibration transfer issue causing the TCM fail to begin with. If you don’t move the location of the TCM, you’re likely to experience the same issue again later on down the road.

*IMPORTANT* In conclusion, professionals here at Upfix highly recommend relocating the TCM once you receive your repaired part back!!! Remounting it to the brake lines is key in addition to the repair for it to last as it allows for more heat dissipation for your parts’ longevity. Unless TCM is reinstalled in a different area, it is very likely it will fail again.

How We Can Help | “Don’t replace your parts- UpFix them!”

Place your order TODAY for your fast and easy TCM transmission control module repair on our website listed below! Make sure you have your part numbers and fault codes from the diagnostic scan to share with us. Ensure you enter your personal information accurately so you can your part repaired and returned in 4-7 business days!

Once you receive your returned part, no additional programming will be required after the repair. Your TCM will be plug-and-play once re-installed back into your vehicle.

UpFix also offers a TCM Transmission Control Module Exchange Service for those that cannot go without their vehicles.

Don’t See Your Part?

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Common Mazda 3 TCM TCU Codes

  • P0753 DTC Code (Shift Solenoid A Malfunction)
  • P0758 DTC Code (Shift Solenoid B Malfunction)
  • P0763 DTC Code (Shift Solenoid C Malfunction)
  • U0101, U0100 DTC Codes (Lost communication with TCM)
  • P0715 Error
  • P0720 Error
  • P0744 Error
  • P0745 Error
  • P0748 Error
  • P0762 Error
  • P0768 Error
  • P0772 Error
  • P0773 Error
  • P0778 Error
  • P0791 Error
  • P0841 Error
  • P0882 Error
  • P0883 Error
  • P0884 Error
  • P2709 Error
  • U0073 Error

Part Numbers We Service

L539189E1H | L5E4189E1B | L539189E1E | L539189E1F | LF8M189E1F | LF6L189E1 | LF8M189E1H | L34T189E1C L34T189E1D | L539189E1D

LF8M189E1E | L5E4189E1A | L34T189E1A | L539189E1E | L34T189E1E | LF2L189E1F LF8M189E1D | L5F8189E1A | L32E189E1B | L34T189E1B

L32E189E1D | L3S818881B | L3P618881M | L39C189E1B L39C189E1C | LFJE189E1D | L23E189E1B | LFJE189E1B | L32E189E1C | LFJE189E1A

LF8M189E1G | LFS3189E1A LF8M189E1F | LFJE189E1A | L34T189E1A | L34T189E1C | LF8M189E1D | LFJE189E1B | LF8M189E1G | LF8M189E1E

L539189E1H | L5E4189E1E | L32E189E1B | L32E189E1B | L539189E1E | L34T189E1C | L539189E1H | LF8M189E1E L32E189E1C | L34T189E1A

L34T189E1E | L34T189E1D | L5F8189E1A | LFJE189E1A | LF8M189E1G | LF8M189E1D L34T189E1B | LFJE189E1D | L539189E1F | L39C189E1B

LF8M189E1F | L539189E1B | LFJE189E1B | L32E189E1D L34E189E1B | L539189E1D | L5G3189E1C | LF8M189E1H | LF8M1891E | LFJE189E1C

L34T189E1 | LF8W189E1C | L34T L39C189E1D | LF8M18881E | LF8M | LF6L189E1 | L5E4189E1A | L23E189E1B | L3S818881B | L5E4189E1E

L39C189E1C L3P618881M | L5E4189E1B | LF2L189E1F | LFS3189E1A | LF8M189E1 | L32E189E1 | L5F8189E1B | L5F8189E1D L34T19E1A | L539189E1J

LFAE189E1E | L39C189E1E | LF8M189E1B

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