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Don't replace your TCM TCU- UpFix it with our Transmission Control Module (2006-2014) Mazda 3 Exchange Service Program!
Don’t replace your TCM TCU- UpFix it with our Transmission Control Module (2006-2014) Mazda 3 TCM Exchange Service Program!

Send Us Your Part for Repair: Mazda 3 TCM Exchange Service Program (Transmission Control Module)

Posted on 07/12/2022 | Author: Kayla Wilson

Save Time & Money On Your Auto Repairs!

Not only do we offer a repair service for (2006-2014) Mazda 3 TCMs Transmission Control Modules TCUs Transmission Control Units, but we also offer a Mazda 3 TCM Exchange Service for Transmission Control Module Repair. We’ve created this service program to help you stay mobile and on the road for minimal daily life interference!

Could you repair or replace your TCM TCU? Absolutely! However, our exchange service program is the best option currently available online and in person when it comes to both time efficiency and cost. “Don’t replace your parts- UpFix them!”

Benefits of Using Our 2006-2014 Mazda 3 TCM Exchange Service & Transmission Control Module Repair

Most people can’t afford the downtime of their vehicle being out of commission all of a sudden or waiting to be repaired. In addition, not everyone is able to easily secure an alternate vehicle or rental vehicle when their car is being repaired and need to be able to drive to work everyday.

So that’s why our company created this service program that can send a suitable TCM replacement for your vehicle while you still have your original control module. It’s very unsafe to drive while issues are present and your vehicle requires repairs of any kind. Because we care about your safety and the safety of others, we recommend you send us your part and participate in our fast, easy, and convenient exchange service program!

How Our Mazda 3 TCM Exchange, Repair and Return Service Works

Are you ready to repair your vehicle and send in your part for repair?! Visit our website and follow the steps below:

Placing Your Order

First, you’ll need to enter your TCM Transmission Control Module part number (located next to the Mazda logo). In case you can’t physically see the TCM TCU on top of the transmission (under the battery housing) after you’ve removed the battery, you can call the Mazda Parts Department and they will provide you with this information.

Second, our program for exchange services requires that you provide your vehicle’s VIN number and for you to select “TCM Update/ Programming (VIN & Firmware)” before proceeding to the next step.

Third, select the 4 characters in front of your part number to verify that we have the correct TCM Transmission Control Module for your vehicle in stock. We keep our inventory numbers available per part updated daily so that you’re aware of our ability to meet your needs- we’re big on transparency and respect both your time and ours.

Next, select “Place Your Exchange Order” and proceed to complete the checkout process to receive your good and tested TCM TCU for your Mazda 3 within 2-3 business days. Furthermore, we will include a red paper reminder with your package to send in your original TCM core.

Receiving Order

Upon receiving your order, please verify the exchange Mazda 3 2006-2014 Transmission Control Module TCM we sent you works without issue. You should confirm there is not a check engine light or error lights, the vehicle shifts smoothly, and no hesitation occurs when the vehicle accelerates.

Provide the vehicle's VIN number and select "TCM Update/ Programming (VIN & Firmware)" to place order for Mazda 3 TCM Exchange Service.
Select part number to verify it is in stock to place order for Mazda 3 TCM Exchange Service.
Select "Place Your Exchange Order" for Mazda 3 TCM Exchange Service.

Exchange TCM Installation Tips

Prior to removing or re-installing any electrical unit, we strongly recommend disconnecting the negative battery terminal. Doing so helps prevent fuses/relays from blowing, fault codes, or communication issues occurring.

In fact, one of the main reasons the Mazda 3 TCM fails is due to insufficient heat dissipation. When mounted directly to the transmission, the TCM overheats and eventually fails. In order to extend the life of your rebuilt TCM, we highly recommend re-locating your TCM on the brake lines near the firewall with plastic zip-ties to secure it. Since this area has optimal airflow, it will allow the TCM to operate under cooler temperatures. If you need instructions on how to do this, please visit our step-by-step guide available and installation videos.

Send Your Original Transmission Control Module To Us

Last, ship your refundable core unit back to us within 30 days with the return shipping label we emailed you to receive your original core refund and activate your warranty. Finally, we process your refund the same day we receive your original core unit and we’ll send you an email to notify you we’ve received it. Though we do initiate the core refund process the same day we receive your shipment, it can take 3-5 business days for the refund to be completed.

Learn more about Mazda 3 Transmission Control Module Repair TCM TCU

In the meantime, visit (2006-2014) Mazda 3 TCM Transmission Control Module Needs Repair Services [Explained] to learn:

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Common Mazda 3 TCM TCU Codes

  • P0753 DTC Code (Shift Solenoid A Malfunction)
  • P0758 DTC Code (Shift Solenoid B Malfunction)
  • P0763 DTC Code (Shift Solenoid C Malfunction)
  • U0101, U0100 DTC Codes (Lost communication with TCM)
  • P0715 Error
  • P0720 Error
  • P0744 Error
  • P0745 Error
  • P0748 Error
  • P0762 Error
  • P0768 Error
  • P0772 Error
  • EP0773 Error
  • P0778 Error
  • P0791 Error
  • P0841 Error
  • P0882 Error
  • P0883 Error
  • P0884 Error
  • P2709 Error
  • U0073 Error

We’ll be releasing more blog posts on these error codes every so often so make sure to come back to check for them soon!

Part Numbers We Service

L539189E1H | L5E4189E1B | L539189E1E | L539189E1F | LF8M189E1F | LF6L189E1 | LF8M189E1H | L34T189E1C L34T189E1D | L539189E1D

LF8M189E1E | L5E4189E1A | L34T189E1A | L539189E1E | L34T189E1E | LF2L189E1F LF8M189E1D | L5F8189E1A | L32E189E1B | L34T189E1B

L32E189E1D | L3S818881B | L3P618881M | L39C189E1B L39C189E1C | LFJE189E1D | L23E189E1B | LFJE189E1B | L32E189E1C | LFJE189E1A

LF8M189E1G | LFS3189E1A LF8M189E1F | LFJE189E1A | L34T189E1A | L34T189E1C | LF8M189E1D | LFJE189E1B | LF8M189E1G | LF8M189E1E

L539189E1H | L5E4189E1E | L32E189E1B | L32E189E1B | L539189E1E | L34T189E1C | L539189E1H | LF8M189E1E L32E189E1C | L34T189E1A

L34T189E1E | L34T189E1D | L5F8189E1A | LFJE189E1A | LF8M189E1G | LF8M189E1D L34T189E1B | LFJE189E1D | L539189E1F | L39C189E1B

LF8M189E1F | L539189E1B | LFJE189E1B | L32E189E1D L34E189E1B | L539189E1D | L5G3189E1C | LF8M189E1H | LF8M1891E | LFJE189E1C

L34T189E1 | LF8W189E1C | L34T L39C189E1D | LF8M18881E | LF8M | LF6L189E1 | L5E4189E1A | L23E189E1B | L3S818881B | L5E4189E1E

L39C189E1C L3P618881M | L5E4189E1B | LF2L189E1F | LFS3189E1A | LF8M189E1 | L32E189E1 | L5F8189E1B | L5F8189E1D L34T19E1A | L539189E1J

LFAE189E1E | L39C189E1E | LF8M189E1B

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