Overhead/Mirror Compass Calibration

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Compass Operation
When the ignition is on, the compass will show two character boxes. The mirror will display the compass heading. When cleaning the mirror, use a paper towel or soft cloth dampened with glass cleaner. Do not spray glass cleaner directly on the mirror as that may cause the liquid cleaner to enter the mirror housing.

Compass Calibration

  1. After five seconds, the display does not show a compass heading (“N” for North, for example),there may be a strong
    magnetic field interfering with the compass. Such interference may be caused by a magnetic antenna mount, magnetic note pad holder or a similar magnetic item.
  2. The compass does not display the correct heading and the compass zone variance is set correctly. In order to calibrate, the letters “CAL” must be displayed in the mirror compass windows. If “CAL” is not displayed, push in the “COMP” button for approximately eight seconds or until the letters “CAL” are displayed.

The compass can be calibrated in one of two ways:

– Drive the vehicle in circles at five mph (8 km/h) or less until the display reads a direction or:

-Drive the vehicle on your everyday routine and after several turns the compass will become calibrated and will display a direction.

  1. Stop your car, then press the “Auto” button of the truck for over six seconds until you can see the
    numbers 1 through 15 appear on the compass display. These numbers represent the zone numbers or location of your car.
  2. Locate the zone number representing your car’s location, listed on the map on the information display.
  3. Press the “Auto” button again to select the zone number for your car’s location. If you see the direction displayed on the mirror after a few seconds, you have completed the calibration.

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