Silverado and Sierra Instrument Cluster Repair Solutions

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GMT800 instrument cluster fits Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban Silverado, Sierra, Escalade, 1500, 2500, 3500
General Motors installed this instrument cluster design on millions of GMT-800 series Chevy and GMC trucks from around 1998 to 2007 including Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Suburban XL as well as Cadillac Escalades.

Let’s talk about instrument cluster repair. If you still drive an older Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, GMC Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL, or Cadillac Escalade built between 1999-2006, then you are probably experiencing one or more issues with your truck’s Instrument Cluster Panel.  Known by General Motors as the GMT800 platform, these trucks all shared similar clusters with minor variations. One or more gauge needles may refuse to move, or the LCD screens are dim. Perhaps one or more bulbs are burned out. Your truck may be experiencing many of these issues simultaneously which can ruin your driving experience. UpFix can put a smile back on your face by refurbishing your original instrument cluster for less than the price of an auto parts store remanufactured unit. Since we are refurbishing your original instrument cluster, there is no need for VIN verification/odometer correction and no expensive core charges.

Silverado Instrument Cluster Printed Circuit Board with OEM X27-168 Stepper Motors
Here is the printed Circuit Board that’s hiding behind your gauges, LCD displays, and indicator lights. There’s a lot going on here. The biggest culprits are the stepper motors that are responsible for rotating your gauge dials

GM Truck Instrument Cluster Problems

Nicknamed “NBS” or “New Body Style” by GM enthusiasts, these are great old trucks with strong engines and great looks. As the oldest examples were actually released in 1998, the platform is about to turn 25 years old. That means NBS trucks can start to be considered classics by insurance companies which will stimulate appreciation amongst the best examples of the breed.   To be fair, we’re not saying the instrument clusters are defective. It’s just that the platform is quite old and most of the instrument clusters didn’t until after 70,000 miles or so.

In most cases, NBS instrument cluster panels suffer from failed stepper motors. These are the small electric drives that operate the gauges. When they fail the gauge needles move partially or not at all. This is especially true for 1999-2006 Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks since they are often driven as work trucks over uneven terrain. However, trucks that were driven gently are still susceptible to Instrument Cluster Panel failure. The stepper motors can fail from excessive heat as well as vibration.

Other issues include bulbs that burn out and dim or failed LCD screens for the PRND321 and Odometer readouts. Your truck’s instrument cluster panel stores odometer mileage information, but you may not be able to see the reading. Likewise, it may be difficult to tell what gear has been selected. If you find yourself counting down “Reverse, Neutral, Drive… Go!”, then it’s time to call UpFix.

UpFix Electronics Technician servicing a 1996-2003 Silverado Instrument Cluster
UpFix techs can repair most Instrument clusters. Exceptions include printed circuit boards that are cracked or have suffered fire damage. UpFix uses only OEM parts when servicing your Instrument Cluster including X27-168 stepper motors. We never use cheap offshore knock-off parts.

You Have Three Options

You can buy a used part from the junkyard, buy a remanufactured unit from the auto parts store or have UpFix refurbish your existing unit: Unfortunately, junkyard units are likely to be defective and need mileage correction. Alternatively, you can buy a remanufactured cluster at the local parts store, but there are three disadvantages: Price: Remanufactured units by Dorman can cost as much as $500 plus a $300 core charge. Like the junkyard unit, it will need to be matched to your VIN and odometer reading. Lastly, at the time of this writing, supply chain issues have limited availability. That makes UpFix your best option. We quickly refurbish your existing Instrument Cluster with all new OEM parts and ship it back to you. Best of all-since it’s your cluster, there is no need for mileage correction or VIN matching.

How The UpFix Repair Service Works

First, you need to remove your Instrument Cluster Panel The removal process on NBS trucks is extremely simple and can be accomplished in less than an hour by any DIY mechanic. The video below explains the process including all tools required. Once the ICP is out of your truck, pack it carefully in an appropriately sized box. As part of UpFix’s online ordering process, we send you a shipping label. You only need to print the label, attach it to the box and deliver the package to any FedEx branch or Walgreens pharmacy. We take care of the rest.

UpFix completely refurbishes your unit including the following steps:

  • Replacement of all gauge stepper motors
  • Replace dim, dark, or pixelated LCD display
  • Replace background Illumination light bulbs
  • Intermittent power loss repair
  • Trip odometer reset button repair
  • Language scrolling repair

It’s worth noting that UpFix does not charge you until after your Instrument Cluster Panel is repaired — prior to shipment. Upon receipt of your parts, we perform a thorough inspection and diagnostic test

Once reinstalled, we think you’ll agree that it feels great to be looking at a fully functioning instrument cluster while driving down the road or while stopped at a traffic light. You’ll be glad that you retained your truck’s original part. With 99-06 NBS Silverados and Sierras appreciating in value due to their 25-year-old classic status, functioning gauges and dash lights make these trucks even more special.

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